October 1, 2013

Hold on while I find my brain

I had the first test of my graduate career yesterday and Biochemistry was the lucky subject. It was not pretty. There are a few of us Animal Science kids in this class with about 15 or so other students who are all Biochem or Pharmacology majors (a.k.a-they get this stuff a lot easier than I do). We studied our butts off all last week! We were very confident going into the test...not so much afterwards.
But on a brighter note, now that that test is over I can get back to a normal life, you know things like showering, eating, and cleaning up my apartment.
And on an even brighter note, I got my post-camp packet in the mail this weekend! It took a lot of self discipline not to take a study break to watch the video, but I can now take the time to watch the DVD and look at all the pictures! I know most of you don't know what I am talking about and can't appreciate my excitement, but I am working on a post about my summer so that you can be filled in on the 411....you should see it this weekend possibly.
Oh...here are a couple videos that we watched to recalibrate our brains while studying:

Love and miss you all!
"Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame." -Psalm 34:5

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  1. Do you know what you made on the BioChem test yet?