September 23, 2013

Do you know my digust with snakes?

This weekend was a beautiful weekend! I got out a little bit on Saturday to run some errands and it was bright, sunny, 75, and made me want to go to the Konza. One problem...Konza Prairie is over 600 miles away (Manhattan). I decided that I would study some more that afternoon and then Sunday afternoon I would find somewhere to go on a long walk. I found a state park across the Minnesota border, Buffalo River State Park, about 20 minutes from Fargo. Of course, my luck, Sunday was all the same perfect as Saturday except the wind was blowing a hundred miles an hour.
After studying more that morning, I headed for my (much needed) outing after having some lunch.
On the drive over, I was reminded at how flat it was up here, a.k.a no wind barriers.

The park was very nice, the trails lead along a small river (large stream), which were mostly wooded right along the water, but then cleared out into open prairie as you moved away from the river. As I started for the trail that would immediately cross the water, a small snake crossed the trail in front of me. It, no doubt, startled me, but hey I am out in its territory and even though I DESPISE snakes, I was decently calm about it.  

A little ways after I crossed the water, I encountered snakes number 2 and 3 within about 3 steps of each other. Now I know, I am out in a wooded area, close to water, there are bound to be snakes out there, but do they have to cross 2 feet in front of me?!? I really wish they wouldn’t! And for the most part they just slowly meandered across the path, like they were enjoying watching me cringe at their sight.

Number 3
After numero 3, every moving leaf and every rustle along the path became a snake in my mind. So I decided to turn my music up so that I wouldn’t pay attention to the sounds and kept my eyes peeled on the path in front of me. Luckily the trail opened up onto the prairie and I wasn’t as worried about them.

The trail stayed like that for a while before crossing back over the water to head back to the starting point. So now closer to the stream=back into brushy, wooded trail. Soon enough #4 crosses in front of me!! Now I am just freaked! I am glad no one was around because I am sure they would have thought I was acting like a child (I kind of was, I won’t lie, I just about had tears in my eyes). I decided my music is going to be turned down and one earphone is coming out so that I can maybe be a bit more prepared if one decides to cross me again. All I want to do is get back to my car at this point!

Not even 5 minutes later, a big #5 crosses in front of me, going super slow…THAT’S IT, LORD GIVE ME WINGS TO GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! Eyes are now scanning every inch of ground as I keep walking; every rustle in the leaves makes me jump.  Some of you probably think I am exaggerating…believe me, I’m not! Soon enough I come to a fork in the trail. There is a map (pictured below, indicating “you are here”) and according to it, I can either keep going straight which is shorter, but turns into an ‘interpretive/self-guided’ trail which I interpret as narrower, and more snake friendly, or you can go right which goes out into the open prairie, which is longer, but I would imagine has fewer snakes. Is that even a question...GO RIGHT! That turned out to be a good decision as I didn't see another snake, arrived safely at my car, and drove home.

Sick, nasty devil

See ya pretty water, your not worth the risk of heart attack at the age of 22
On a side note, Autumn is here! This makes me very happy! I saw so many pumpkin patches on the short drive this weekend, it got me very excited, I had to resist the urge to stop and get some. For the time being, I will just burn fall scented candles to get me in the Fall mood.

Hope you had a good weekend!
Love and miss you,
Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe in me. -John 14:1


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