September 19, 2013


Hi! I am creating this blog to better keep in touch with all of you non-Fargo residents. I'm finding it quite difficult to stay in touch with everyone while keeping up with work and homework so I figure it's easier to tell it here rather than ten times over. So, bear with me while I learn about this whole blogging world. I am making no guarantees that I will post on a regular basis, but I do promise that I will try!
There is a good chance that, over time, my posts will become a 'skewed right' data set. That's statistician talk right there (I'm learning something Papa!).  In other words I am making a hypothesis that if you were to plot my posts there would be a lot in the beginning and fewer as time increases. Like this:


So, for those of you who don't know: I am currently at NDSU getting a Master's in Animal Science, studying Beef Cattle Reproduction. Though I haven't picked a specific research project yet it will involve the following

The Palpators Salute and...
you guessed it..Cows!!! (and heifers, and maybe bulls)

Fargo has been an adjustment for me to say the least. It's big. Actually it's probably not that big, but in terms of what I am comfortable with...its BIG. According to google
Fargo pop: 107,349
Manhattan pop: 53,678
Frontenac pop: 3,445
Also Fargo exists even when school is not in session, unlike Manhattan. Manhattan revolves around the University, if you are a twenty something year old in Manhattan it is assumed you are a K-State student...not necessarily in Fargo.
NDSU is much smaller than K-State which is kinda nice. There is not near the swarm of students between classes here as there were at K-State. According to their respective websites, enrollment for Fall 2012:
So that is the general update. Here are a couple more pictures of my new place...

Downtown Fargo

Animal Science Headquarters

My desk...still pretty bland looking
Lots of trees around campus...this is directly in front of Hultz Hall
I miss you all!!!
"Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God's love for them." -Jonah 2:8


  1. I love it!!!!! Fargo looks so nice and chilly right now! Your desk looks so empty!!! Take care!

  2. I wish my desk looked like yours. I can't seem to find the top of mine! What are your night-time temps like? It has finally begun to cool off here.